About me

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My name is Skirmante and I care about supporting people in moving towards their preferred futures with ease.
I appreciate your curiosity and time to know more about me. I am a solution focused practitioner (not a medical one). I bring solution-focus model to practice through coaching conversations, webinars, online courses and consulting people who seek support in managing stress and want a transformation.
Being passionate about neuroscience, I consult my clients for neuroscience-based tools to support wellbeing and create desired change. Sharing what is available from Applied Neuroscience for better human life is something I care about and truly enjoy.
To understand what coaching is and is not, please take a deeper look here.

What can I support you with, specifically?

I can guess some concrete examples could shed more light on what exactly we can accomplish working together. Here are some of the things I can be your thinking partner on:

  • Your whole Wellbeing – mind, body, life.
  • Goal attainment and making important decisions.
  • Personal and career transformation.
  • Support during transitioning phase in your life.
  • Skills to manage stress, burn out and busy life.
  • ….What else is important to you?

Coaching is a personalized process for the desired outcome you want to achieve.

How I transitioned to being a coach.

You can guess, I didn’t start my working life as a coach. A transition process was there – slow and unfolding in small steps with new experiences and learning that I never imagined before. I am thankful for all the unexpected turns in my life as this allowed me to learn something new.

From Leadership to Spirituality to Service to people.

Having my BSc in Economics-Finance I spent quite some time leading small teams in Financial corporate back in Lithuania. Although I enjoyed working with great teams and was growing in an international organization, I struggled to see myself continuing with the financial field and wanted to create a change for myself. “Wanted” perhaps is not the word, I desperately craved for it. It wasn’t any easy decision, as I struggled to see any other possibilities. I was good at what I did, what else is there for me? The change was really drastic and adventurous with a lot of discoveries about myself and a tremendous amount of patience and trust I had to find in me. After a beautiful time that I lived in a monastery-yoga-meditation center in South India, full of energy and hopes I headed to the Netherlands. Here in the beautiful city of The Hague, that is now my home, I helped human right defenders NGO to create an Emotional Support & Wellness program. With the creation of this program, I knew fully and completely - “solution focus” approach and coaching is my way to support others in their transformation and wellbeing.