What coaching is?

Coaching works as an open, inspiring, thought-stimulating conversation, that helps to recognize strengths, resilience, organize the thoughts, identify goals and create desired change. Coaching aim is more than just to fix what is wrong, instead it aims to connect our future vision to our values and reach higher potential. In so called “pure” coaching we use thought-provoking and creative process through which you have full autonomy to shape your own idea how to move towards your preferred future. Coaching is about growth, and You are the expert of your life.

What is the role of a coach?

As a Coach I am your thinking partner, I use deep listening skills and powerful questions that help to create inspiring space in your mind and activate your ideas. In our coaching sessions, the energy is focused on what outcome you want, that is within your control, what is important and how you might take action to move towards that.

How coaching is different from some other professions?

Coaching vs mentoring vs counselling vs teaching vs consulting Coaching is often confused with other professions, such as counselling, mentoring, teaching, consulting. It is so because coaching is not a regulated profession, however there are institutions, such as International Coaching Federation (ICF) that cooperate with coaching schools across the world to set professional and ethical standards for coaches. According to these professional standards, pure coaching does not dig into problem roots or talk about trauma. Instead, it goes into roots of meaning and values and talks about resourceful past, preferred future and goals. Pure coaching does not offer advice and expertise, instead it offers a positive dialogue that helps to unfold the deeper layers of what is positive and important to you and activates your creative ideas. Coaching can be combined with other professions as an element as well. And so, I myself do combine coaching with consulting for neuroscience-based tools for wellbeing, better performance and goal achievement.

What coaching offers?

  • Dialogue that evokes awareness and leads to positive action
  • Non-judgement and neutrality
  • Presence and deep listening
  • Stimulating creativity for solutions
  • Support in organizing thoughts and creating clarity.
  • Positive, open-ended questions
  • Telling your story through your own voice
  • Rising hopefulness and resourcefulness

What coaching does not offer?

  • Assessment and treatment
  • Therapeutic relationship
  • Advice
  • Opinions of coach
  • Solutions
  • First aid psychosocial support

International Coaching ethics

Being a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) I follow International Coaching Ethics and Core Competencies to ensure usefulness, safety and respect in our sessions: ICF core values ICF core competencies